If I had known it was the Last time

If I had known it was the last time The last time I would see you as you That I would laugh with you Talk to you If I had known I would have never let go When you hugged me at my door When you said I love you to the moon and back... Continue Reading →


So you wake up feeling depressed…

: Heres how to get through the day: First: get out of bed Second: actually get out of bed you motherfucker Third: eat a healthy snack and drink something energizing and warm like coffee Fourth: take some medicine like excedrin Fifth: get back in bed Sixth: listen to music in bed Seventh: actually take a... Continue Reading →

Angel in the Shape of my Mom

The hardest part of having lost someone you love is every time that you forget for awhile that they are gone... and then you remember. Its like waking up from a bad dream and realizing it wasn’t a dream its real life. And it happens over and over again. When you drive down the road... Continue Reading →


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